Key Problems & Framework Overview

Lesson Summary

This lesson covers the underlying problems agencies face when it comes to operations & profitability reporting and the high-level framework for overcoming those challenges.

Key points include:

  • The cycle of insolvency, and why so many firms remain unprofitable, and sometimes get less profitable despite growing top-line revenue.
  • The key questions agencies struggle to answer about their business, including why they're not as profitable as they want to be, how profitable their business model is designed to be, how to forecast their needs and maintain their understanding as things change in their business.
  • Why teams struggle to install systems that can connect the dots, and create alignment between Operations & Delivery, Finance and Sales
  • Why the Paraketo framework offers a simple, cost-effective, and consistent method to analyze business metrics across diverse industries, billing models, and staffing structures
  • Emphasis on the importance of clarity regarding profitability and performance, aiding agencies in addressing critical questions and bridging the gap between finance, operations, and leadership
  • Aims to provide a comprehensive approach to business analysis and decision-making, promoting metric and horizontal consistency for adapting to changes and ensuring long-term success
  • Highlighting the need for simplicity and timeliness in delivering insights to stakeholders for quick decision-making
  • Goal of establishing a framework to enhance profitability control, accountability, and streamline financial processes

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